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Aside from the strategic location, there are first-rate facilities and amenities within this neighborhood. Imagine breathtaking surroundings with green and lush landscapes in a cooler climate.  This paradise is real, right here in the South at MOLDEX Residences in Silang, Cavite. 

What will welcome you here is the grand entrance – a commanding exquisitely designed gate telling everyone, “Come over and enjoy life.” This is a gated community, complete with a guardhouse and 27/7 security. There are fire alarms in place. You will sleep comfortably at night with the thought that you are safe and secured.  Streets are well lighted at night, too. 

Waking up to a vast expanse of nature as a backdrop - enjoy sipping hot coffee in your balcony and just indulge on how the sun rises. Bright mornings will jumpstart your days as you face the day and hustle. Ending the days and just being thankful amidst lovely sunsets is the way to go here. 

Homeowners are fortunate to have their Grand Clubhouse which is a perfect place to celebrate special occasions and milestones for the family. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baptismal and graduation parties or even bridal showers can be celebrated here. Whatever event you have in mind, be sure to hold it here. Or perhaps you just want to bond with your family for a weekend, this is the place. Enjoying family time after a week of work is certainly one of life’s best pleasures. 

There are more in store for you as a homeowner. For the clubhouse, there are multi-purpose function halls and recreational room. There’s a snack bar, too. For the fitness enthusiasts – you’d be happy to know that there is a gym in the clubhouse. There’s no need to avail of gym club memberships outside as this is being offered to you right within the neighborhood. All it takes is a lesser effort and time to be able to flex and bend your muscles. Schedule fitness sessions with members of the family for added fun and excitement. A good, healthy way to bond, too. The family that goes to the gym together, stays healthy together. 

For the golf enthusiasts – there’s a golf-driving range where you can practice and spend your early mornings. Fun times ahead right here in your own community. For the young and not so young alike, a badminton court is also available where you can play and engage in friendly competitions. Jump, skip and play badminton to your hearts’ content. The convenience of just having it right within your homes is enough for you to think about staying here at MOLDEX Residences in Silang. 

For the sporty and active ones, there are open basketball court and tennis court for your own brand of games. Form your own teams or invite neighbors and friends to play over. The happiness of teamwork and camaraderie among you is just as heartwarming. 

Imagine having a jungle pool by your doorsteps. Yes, it is possible – right here at MOLDEX Residences Silang. You can swim all you want in a themed-pool. Isn’t that amazing?  Here’s more:  do you want to enjoy picnic activities? Worry not as you can have your barbeque parties or just do quiet lounging around the neighborhood’s picnic areas. Enjoy dining outdoors with refreshing sights. Create new memories with love ones and friends. 

If you are the reflective type, there’s a Japanese Zen garden you can go to. Medidate and drive away all the life’s stress here. Just bask in your solitude. Enjoy serenity a few steps away from your home. No need to go out-of-town for this diferent kind of adventure. 

For the fun-loving, there’s an amphitheater around, too. You can just sit around here. For special occasions where there’s a big crowd, this facility is very useful. As a resident, you can make use of the amphitheater when the time comes that you will have the need for it. Isn’t that great? 

How about the shopaholics or entrepreneurs? They also have their own place here. Much retail therapy is exciting. For the enterprising, you can also have your own small businesses that you can build here as they also have commercial and retail areas within the vicinity. Isn’t that so convenient?  No time is wasted travelling on the road as everything can be done right here at MOLDEX Residences Silang. 

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